Angel Ivan

Hairdresser/ Creative Director

Our Founder and Hair Creative Director; was born on the sunny northeast coast of Brazil, Angel always had a passion for hair since he was a child.

When Angel moved to London, he was determined to explore all the avenues of the hair industry.

With big interest in photography and fashion, Angel worked in many shootings, appeared in many publications; As well in two London Fashion Week.

Know for his unique approach to details , modern and bespoke colour skills, inspired by nature and his travels.

With over 17 years of experience , Angel loves to enhance the natural beauty with his touch of sophistication and glamour.

Dani Caldeira

Hairdresser /Hair Therapist

Hair Colourist and Care Specialist for over 7 years, Dani Caldeira holds a Bachelor degree in Cosmetology and has been working in famous salons and with hair experts since the beginning of her career.

Originally from Brazil, she became a world explorer, working with people from various cultures in different locations such as São Paulo, Sydney, London, Kuwait and Doha.

With a business career background, Dani considers every hair appointment as an experience! Consulting with her clients thoroughly to design and achieve their “Dream Hair”, combining modern lifestyle and uncomplicated care routines.

A mix of specialised knowledge, attention to details, good energy and deep fondness for her work are all key ingredients.

Designing a hair colour is not only a technique, it is also a way to empower women and give rise to truthful beauty.

Marsyo Soares

Hairdresser/ Hair Extension Specialist

Colour Artisan and Award winner in hair extensions, Marsyo has 21 years qualified under his belt.

Qualified 4 countries (cut: Brazil, Spain, UK) (colour: Brazil, Netherlands, UK)

Specialised in all hair types; Marsyo also has a passion for male’s hair. Passionate delivering results on a long term taking in consideration the health of the hair and scalp.

His goals are to learn more skills on hairdressing and languages (including sign language) to be accessible to all different public.

Dario Truden

Colourist/ Stylist

Dario Truden is an Italian Colorist and Stylist

He has over 8 years experience within the industry, graduating from the Vidal Sassoon Academy and with experience working with the Italian Gandini team on his curriculum.

Known for his seamless balayage, precision highlighting, low maintenance applications and astounding colour corrections, he is a balayage specialist in European and Asian hair and loves to personalize each service to find the most suitable look for his clientele!

We are super excited to have this exceptional, beautiful human being on our Team.

Ilma Almeida

Executive Officer

Ilma is an entrepreneur very motivated to help others be the best version of themselves. She is fascinated with the world of beauty, especially because of the wide range of benefits it brings to the overall wellbeing of people. Outspoken and Real, she consider herself as a “people person”, extremely interested in the pure beauty at its absolute root .

“I'm very fortunate to be involved with a beautiful project that facilitates the engagement and development of the deepest essence of beauty.” - Ilma Almeida

Luiz F. Corino

Junior Assistant

Luiz is a kind, fast learner and a dedicated young man.

He is part of our Atelier Apprenticeship Program which we will launch in 2021. This is an inclusive program that will give an opportunity to hairdressers at the beginning of their career.